How to find free images for your website?

Most of us building websites at least at some stage would have struggled to find photos that we wanted for our websites to really stand out. And most of us don’t have a gallery of our own.

I would like to share information that I have learnt while searching for photos for my websites.

There are multiple ways to get images, some of which include:

  1. Taking photos of your own – Difficult part here is that while we may be able to stage situations or go out and take photos of our own, which takes time, but may not the solution when we need photos there and then while building the website.
  2. Illegal ways of searching online and downloading photos that may have copyrights of the owner. Obviously, being an illegal option, this could land us in a messy lawsuit and fines.
  3. Purchasing Stock images from sites like iStockphotos, Shutterstock etc.

Some of the free resources from where I obtain good quality royalty free images are:

  2. pxhere
  3. pixabay
  5. Unsplash
  7. LibreStock is great search engine for searching for royalty free images.

I will however, advise you to check specific conditions on each photo that you pull up as some may require you to pay attributions by placing a link back to their site etc.


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Teens use apps to keep secrets?

According to ABC News, the use of secret mobile apps by teenagers to hide texts, images and videos is becoming an increasing cause for concern for parents as well as officials.

A Louisiana parent Kristin Pinsonat had caught her sixteen-year-old son using the app. She said, “I was shocked to find that Anthony had installed an app to hide files. They can do anything they want, and it’s all locked with a passcode.”

Anthony admits that “Basically, I was hiding from my parents. And it was stupid, yeah.”

Pamela Casey, a county district attorney in Alabama, posted a video on Facebook to warn parents about such apps. “I encourage you to look at your child’s phone,” she said. “If one child knows about it, many children know about it.”

Editor-in-chief of Yahoo Tech Magazine, Dan Tynan said the apps could look like ordinary functions such as a calculator, but when users entered a secret password they had access to hidden files.

He added that ““Adults can keep their children from using such apps by turning off their ability to install apps without parental approval. The problem with these apps is they allow kids to hide their cyber-lives from their parents, and sometimes the things they are hiding can harm them, ”.